Project Rebuild

Project Rebuild is a family strengthening program, with an emphasis on HIV education. It was developed by Dr. Robert Fullilove of Columbia University in 2001 and is designed to address the many issues and challenges facing many communities. This program takes a “(w)holistic” approach to behavior modification and life change.

Project Rebuild administers the Family-to-Family Program, an initiative designed to assist families in building stronger ties with one another to help face many of life’s challenges. Not only are the families’ basic needs met (food, water, shelter, clothing), emphasis is placed on the need to impart “life skills” to families and utilizes self-esteem building techniques.

Located at thirty sites throughout New Jersey, this program, through its “Family Home Sessions”, focuses on instructing families to use “family time” in a productive way. During each session, lessons and exercises are presented that allow participants to share their experiences, wants, needs, dislikes and problems with one another. Dialogue is fostered among family members, enabling difficult subject matter, such as the issue of HIV/AIDS, to be confronted in a loving, encouraging and inviting atmosphere. HIV prevention materials are presented in an indirect and private manner so as to encourage HIV prevention practices in spite of the cultural and social stigma surrounding the disease.