VOICES/VOCES is a single-session, video-based HIV/STD prevention workshop designed to encourage condom use and improve condom negotiation skills among African-American and Latino adult men and women who are at high risk of becoming infected with and/or transmitting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

VOICES/VOCES does not require participants to return for multiple-session workshops. Instead, it fits effective prevention education into the time frame of a clinic visit or other brief opportunity to reach clients during a “teachable moment.”

VOICES/VOCES is grounded in the Theory of Reasoned Action…Reasoned Action Theory provides a model for understanding how people’s behaviors are guided by their attitudes, beliefs, and past experiences as well as by how they perceive others think they should act in a given circumstance – that is, the social and cultural norms of their community.

During a VOICES/VOCES session, health educators convene groups of four to eight clients in a room that allows privacy for discussion.

Groups are gender and ethnic-specific, so that participants can develop prevention strategies appropriate for their culture.

Information on HIV risk behaviors and condom use is delivered by videos, facilitated group discussion, and a board presenting features of various condom brands in English and Spanish.

Two culturally-specific videos are used: one for African-American participants and a bilingual video for Latinos.

Skills in condom use and negotiation are modeled in the videos, then role-played and practiced by participants during the discussion that follows.

At the end of the single, 45-minute session, participants are given samples of condoms.

Clients who participate in VOICES/VOCES demonstrate:

  • Increased knowledge about the transmission of HIV and other STD’s
  • A more realistic assessment of their personal risk
  • Greater likelihood of getting condoms and intending to use them regularly
  • Fewer repeat STD infections